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Sabrena Lewis is an integral member of the Berrier Group, where she serves as an Assistant, contributing her wealth of expertise to the real estate domain. With a passion for the industry that ignited in 1999 at the Denver Board of REALTORS, Sabrena's journey has been marked by continuous growth and invaluable experience.
Since 2014, Sabrena has been an instrumental part of the Pueblo real estate landscape, contributing her expertise as an assistant on 2 highly successful real estate teams. Her love for the state and town shines through her work, mirroring her enthusiasm for the great outdoors—embracing hikes, camping, 4-wheeling, and various crafty pursuits.
When she's not immersed in the world of real estate, Sabrena finds joy in spending quality time with her husband exploring local breweries and traversing the state. Family, both two-legged and four-legged, hold a special place in her heart.
Sabrena takes immense pride in the cohesive unit she's a part of. Her current team exemplifies the spirit of collaboration, offering unwavering support and guidance to one another daily. Their commitment to clients goes beyond transactions, striving to create lifelong connections and enduring relationships. Behind the scenes, Sabrena's meticulous attention to detail ensures that systems are optimized, processes are streamlined, and clients experience seamless journeys. The team's goal is to make the real estate process feel effortless, sparing clients from the realization of the dedication they put in.
With a strong foundation built on experience, dedication, and a genuine passion for her work, Sabrena Lewis continues to be a driving force within the Berrier Group. Her commitment to excellence and personalized service sets a high standard for the industry while her love for her community and the outdoors adds a distinct and endearing touch to her professional journey.

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